Deflacionable Teatre

Deflacionable Teatre

The play takes place entirely to divorce party Victor and Ana, under the structure of a wedding party. The conflict is paying for part of Ana, half of the house in which he lived, to continue living there.

It has no money and, despite his high income, banks will deny credit. Her mother acts as confident but it offers practical solutions to their daughter.

Victor’s friend, then you know it is your partner, also hopes the money because it will use to pay the mortgage of his house, where both live (and friend Vitor Fernando). Fernando hear about the lack of money but Anna will tell Victor as the strategies of each of the characters to get the money is already activated and the catastrophic consequences already engendered.

The trouble will be varied and will allow us to see that each of these characters Machiavellian “the end justifies the means” even though, paradoxically, at no time posed justify them.


Deflacionable Teatre


Design and emotions