Design on demand

I feel the design day to day, moment to moment. Around me and enjoy my life more personal and professional.


But what we need real design ?. A need variable and diverse, fortunately as our life full of experiences, developments and changes.


Here is my design to the letter. Enjoy it as if it was a good meal. With a variety of tastes and nuances.


A letter which design you choose according to your needs, your desires and your appetite.


Bon Appetit!

Design & Emotions
Design & Emotions

Projects that make us feel, our emotions arise dreamed, more personal, more intense. Projects ephemeral, its duration is part of its conception. Projects with specific purpose and a limited period. Explosion of emotions and maximum intensity.

Design & Solidarity
Design & Solidarity

Assuming design sharing and social realities that sometimes we are far away, but we can easily make our own. Creativity, solidarity and optimism perfectly combined. Design of heart, soul and skin.

Design & Spaces
Design & Spaces

Diversity of spaces and premises.

Design & Trade
Design & Trade

Showcases new concepts and actions, show and enhance the products and services offered.

Design & R2

Recovery and restoration.

The recovery and transformation of everyday objects allows us to escape from its scheduled expiry achieving sustainable action.

When you seek to decorate your wedding, with simple objects, everyday, both familiar, capturing the spirit and essence of your idea, the real less is more, the emotion of suspended butterflies, or photos of grandparents and revesavis, placed between Wise and old branches, when you wait for an unconditional job and a good lemonade, you can only go to find Alice and her projects, as we did. Great professional, working at all hours, and a better person, which immediately caught our wishes and best reflected what we had imagined, thanks Alicia to get the weekend off even more magical.

Astrid & Albert

The best decision I could make is to have your advice. I can only thank you for your involvement, professionalism and originality. You have devised the integral project of my home and with your ingenuity and effort you have achieved the most difficult: innovation and differentiation, although I spend my time enjoying my space every day.


We can only give you thanks for all the effort, the enthusiasm and support. One of the best decisions we made in the preparations of our day.

Sílvia & Fernando